Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000 in India

As the cold winter recedes and the hot and humid summer climate approaches in India, the demand for ceiling fans is bound to grow. Many types of ceiling fans in the Indian market differ in design, RPM, speed settings, other features, and price.

If your budget to purchase a ceiling fan is under Rs. 1000, then here are some of the best models available in the market at such prices.

Activa 1200mm Apsara Ceiling Fan

Activa 1200mm, as the name suggests, has a wide blade sweep of 1200 mm. The three aerodynamically designed blades revolve at a speed of 390 RPM. The Advanced High Flow technology provides a high rate of air circulation. The power rating of the fan is 28 Watts. 5 star rating indicates its high energy efficiency. It is compatible with the inverter.

A 2-years warranty backs this ceiling fan.

Candes Magic Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Candes Magic has a blade sweep of 1200 mm. The air delivery rate generated by the aerodynamically designed blades is 230 cubic metres/minute. The speed of the blades is 400 RPM. The double ball bearings are made of carbon steel which ensures noiseless operation. Anti-Dust technology prevents dust accumulation on the fan, enabling swift and easy cleaning.

Warranty is provided for 2 years on this product.

Longway Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Longway has a wide blade sweep of 1200 mm. The blades, made of high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS, are resistant against rust and repel dust. The heavy-duty copper motor of the fan has a power rating of 75 Watts. The double ball bearings provide smooth and noiseless operation. The aerodynamically designed blades revolve at a speed of 400 RPM.

The warranty period on this fan is 2 years.

Min Max Activa 600 mm High Speed Ceiling Fan

Min Max Activa has four blades and measures 24”. The blades have a sweep of 600 mm. This is a high speed ceiling fan with an RPM of 900. The power rating of its motor is 85 Watts. The motor features 100% copper windings. The fan has an elegant design and a highly glossy finish.

The manufacturer warranty provided on this fan is for 2 years.

Sameer 24 Gati High Speed Ceiling Fan

Sameer 24 Gati provides a blade sweep of 600 mm or 24 inches. The speed of this fan is 850 RPM. The blades have an aerodynamic design and are resistant to corrosion. The power rating of the motor is 40 Watts. A thermal overload protector is present inside the fan. The number of blades is 4.

The warranty period of this fan is 1 year.

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX has a blade sweep of 1200 mm and has 5-speed settings. The speed of this fan is 360 RPM, while the air delivery rate is 200 cubic metres/minute. The heavy-duty copper motor makes the fan highly durable. Power consumption is 78 Watts. The bottom cover of the fan is made of aluminium.

The warranty period on this fan is 2 years.

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