Pop up Bread Toaster power consumption Calculator

Isn’t good to have a toaster to prepare crispier and tastier slices of bread in less period?A bread toaster especially a pop-up toaster has become an important electrical appliance for every kitchen. But do you know how much energy it consumes? Maybe not! To give a clear idea, we have mentioned some tips and assumptions to check the power consumption of the toaster.

Fact: The electricity consumption of a pop-up toaster completely depends on the various slices of bread at a time. With the below-given consumption calculator, you can calculate the electricity consumption of a two-slot toaster or four slot toasters.

How to calculate the power consumption of your toaster?

Firstly, you need to know your toaster’s rated power to calculate its energy consumption.

  • Bread toasting having two slots bread toaster generally has rated energy between 700 Watts-1000 Watts. The average rated power in between them is 750 Watts. One who has a two-slot toaster should take average rated power which is 750 Watts for all the calculations.
  • Talking about four slot bread toasters, it has rated power among 1200 Watts-2500Watts. The average rated power is between them is 1400 Watts. Thus, you can take this average value for all the calculations.

Important Note:

Usually, toasters have a specification label at the top of the appliance. This label helps you to know the accurate wattage of the toaster. Apart from that, you can go through the appliance description to know the exact wattage.

Consumption Calculator:

Some parameters help you to calculate toaster power consumption. It ensures the correct results. Some of the important factors for power consumption are as follow.

  1. Electricity Cost

The first and most important aspect is the electricity cost charged by your electricity supplier. It is a specific amount for one unit of energy consumed by your respective toaster.

  1. Wattage

Another important factor to take into consideration is wattage. It is the amount to which your toaster takes energy. For instance – A toaster consumes 800 Watts of electricity every hour of it is offered with 800 Watt.

  1. Working Hours

Here, working hours mean how many hours or minutes did the toaster run? In simple words, several hours are called working hours. For instance – Generally, a toaster operates for 10 to 15 minutes at a time (depending on crisper and light colour bread).

  1. Unit of Electricity – If you want to measure the power consumption of any electrical appliance then use units of electricity or kWh. For instance – a 500 AC consume 4 kWh of electricity in a day if AC has 500 Watt and consecutively for 7-8 hours.

Use of Wall Meter

You can also use wall water to calculate the power consumption of any appliance. It is a simple and convenient device that can help you to know accurate units.

Final Words:

Before choosing a pop-up bread toaster, check the exact wattage of your desired model. It ensures how much electricity your toaster is taken.

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