What is an Exhaust Fan? How does it work?

An exhaust fan blows out the hot air out of any room. This creates an air movement that sucks in cool air and releases out hot air. Exhausts fans are beneficial for any home as they help in maintaining ideal room temperature.

What does exhaust fan do?

In kitchens and bathrooms, the air may be hot and puffy, but an exhaust fan improves the ventilation in the whole house. It not only eliminates the excessive heat from the house but also helps in air purifying by letting out any pollution in the air. While showering, washing, and cooking, the air may also be heavy due to moisture; thus, the exhaust fan also releases out the chemical fumes, odor, and harmful elements that contaminate the air.

The mechanism of these exhaust fans is also very fascinating. This article will help you to know all about exhaust fans.

  • The fundamental system

The basic system of the exhaust fan involves a motor operator. When there is sufficient electricity passed, the motor moves the blades, causing the exhaust fan to ventilate the area. This is the basic mechanism of any exhaust fan.

  • The role of the blades

When the motor operator starts to run, the blades start to rotate. The rotation of the exhaust fan blades is designed in a way that it sucks hot air from the room. When the excessively hot air is released outside, the room is filled with cool and breezy air inside. Unlike normal fans, the exhaust fans may not blow cool air. Therefore, the exhaust fan may be fixed in areas where there is no proper air ventilation. Places such as the kitchen, bathroom, and washing room are the areas where the exhaust fans can be fixed.

  • The thermostat function

Modern-day fans are advanced, and they come with the thermostat feature. The thermostat is a point where the fan senses high temperature, and it automatically signals the motor to run even faster to make the room atmosphere cooler. This better performance of the blades regulates the flow of ventilation.

  • The positioning of exhaust fan

Experts do the installation of exhaust fans, and it is better to position them somewhere high in the room. Placing the fan near the desired rooms’ ceiling will help you obtain greater benefits from the exhaust fan. The hot air flow reaches the top surface of the room, so if the fan is placed in a lower position, then a significant amount of hot air will be felt inside the room.

Types of exhaust fans

There are different types of exhaust fans for kitchen and bathroom available according to the customer’s suitability. They come in different types of models and designs. Some of the exhaust fans are connected to the entire ventilation system, so turning on the system also turns on the exhaust fans. The wall or ceiling exhaust fans are commonly used by many in the kitchen and bathroom. There are also inline exhaust fans available that are connected to the already present ventilation system.

Exhaust fans are real comforters for your home. So you can choose an exhaust fan that suits your household.

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