What to do when you get a tampon stuck?

Something getting stuck in your vagina may cause infections and can lead to vaginal allergies. A misconception related to tampons is that once stuck, they can get enter the inner part of the vagina.But do you know that the vagina is only 3 to 4 inches deep? Thus, the possibility of entering tampon may decrease as the cervix is too small. It is only enough to semen in and let blood out. This means that if the string of the tampon is not felt, it cannot be found in the inner parts. So, it is possible to remove the tampon from the vagina when it can get stuck.

There are many reasons a tampon can get stuck, forgetting to remove the old tampon and inserting other tampons due to your carelessness, Intercourse without removing a tampon, forgetting after inserting a tampon. In such cases, a tampon string can move up and damage the vagina. To prevent vaginal complications, infections and allergies; it is important to get the stuck tampon out as soon as possible. Here are the best possible ways with an easy process that can be followed to remove a stuck tampon.

How to get out a stuck tampon?

If there is no sign of any vaginal infection and allergy, it means that a tampon gets stuck. You need to follow safety tips before moving to remove a stuck tampon. As if the vaginal area is gentle and delicate so be ensure the hand is disinfected. Also, the mentioned steps will be followed before getting started:

  1. If there are deep wounds or cuts on the fingers, then they should be covered with a bandage. This will prevent entering bacteria’s the vaginal area.
  2. Your nails should be well-trimmed. Long nails can cause small cuts and wounds in your vagina. As a result, it can cause allergies.
  3. After following the first two steps, move on to hands disinfection. Make a clean solution by using fragrance-free hand wash and water. Then, rinse it with clean water and dry well.
  4. be calm throughout the whole procedure. Sit on a toilet seat with your legs slightly raised. You can also make balance with one leg on the toilet seat to stand straight.
  5. Push in the same way as it is pushed during the bowel movement. This way the tampon has more chances to come out.
  6. If the tampon does not come out even after pushing, then take a deep breath and allow muscles to relax.
  7. Now the most complicated way is to use the finger. Start inserting one finger into your vaginal area. Move your finger to the vagina until the tampon is felt, but keep in mind that the fingers should be rotated around. Also, try to get close to your cervix.
  8. If still, you are not sure to get out the stuck tampon, then you can consult a woman expert or doctor.

Final Words

It may be difficult to deal with stuck tampons but a right procedure will help you getting out of such a situation. You can consult to doctor or DIY by mentioned steps.

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