Why should dry and wet waste be collected separately?

You must have heard from your municipality department that you need to know how to manage the waste generated in your own house. You need to separate the dry waste from wet waste when you are packing the waste in the house. Many people are not sure why should this be done when waste remains waste even when it is separated or collected together. So, here is why you need to do that:

Helping the municipality:

When you don’t separate the waste and throw it away, it gets mixed in the landfills. So, when you separate dry from wet waste, then you can compost the wet waste and the dry waste can be recycled. If you start following this process from home itself, then you are indirectly helping the municipality team in doing their job in the right way.

Bio-degradable and non-biodegradable:

Once the waste is separated, the waste pickers will be able to understand the degradable waste and non-biodegradable waste. As bio-degradable waste is purely organic, it gets mixed with the earth easily and does not cause any sort of harm to the environment. But when it comes to non-biodegradable waste, it is very harmful to the environment. When it is thrown outside, a load of pollution on the earth will increase. It can cause several health hazards.


This non-biodegradable waste can be recycled and that is where this waste material has to be taken. You will be able to find a recycling unit very easily in your locality as there are many people. So, if you are doing the separation by yourself and place it in the wet and dry dustbin, you will are easing the job of the municipality.

How to differentiate the waste?

Plastic, Glass, Paper, Metal, dusting cloths, aluminum foil, tetra packs used for milk packing or soft drinks packing come under the non-biodegradable waste. Fruits, vegetables, leaves in your garden, flowers, pencil shaving, and wood-shaving kind of material come from biodegradable waste.

When storing the non-biodegradable waste, you need to make sure that you clean the packets and dry them under the sun before you store them in the house. This way, you will not have any issue with a bad smell.

You can take this non-biodegradable waste to any scrap store and sell them off for a very low price. They will hand it over to the manufacturers who use recycled waste in making some products.

Help the planet and pickers:

So, when you separate the waste before in hand, you are helping the waste pickers from digging into the waste again. They will be saved from different kinds of infections and health issues as well. Also, when non-biodegradable waste is not thrown into the environment, you are protecting the atmosphere as well.

Wet waste should get the house of the house every single day and dry waste can be kept for one or two months. When it piles up to a huge quantity then you can sell it off or hand it over to the municipalities.

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